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SLB Case Study

SLB Case Study

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Situation Analysis

Reservoir Performance, a leading fiber-optic solution provider to the oil and gas industry, entered the digital landscape with no established brand identity and no awareness on social media platforms. Our challenge was to market a brand from scratch in an industry where digital presence and credibility are paramount.

The Problem

Total absence of any pre-existing presence on social media platforms. With zero followers and no previous digital footprint, our goal was to create brand awareness and cultivate a robust online identity.

Our Role

Organic Social Growth:
We devised and executed a comprehensive organic social media growth strategy from the ground up.

Laser-Targeted LinkedIn Ad Campaign:
We complemented our organic efforts with a highly targeted social ad campaign on LinkedIn to reach the desired prospects.

Content Strategy:
By creating engaging, informative, and industry-relevant content we positioned RP as a thought leader in the field.

Employee Engagement:
By involving company employees as part of a team-generated content strategy, we added credibility and expanded the reach of our content.


Our campaign revealed critical success factors: shareability as the content metric, audience persona definition, the synergy of organic and paid growth strategies, and the value of employee involvement for authenticity and trust. These insights drive our strategic approach for future success.

Timeline, Key Results and ROI

June 27th, 2021 – June 27th, 2022


Total LinkedIn Impressions


Total Reactions to Posts


Increase in total reach


Total Clicks


Net Engagement Rate

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